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SILVÉRIO PESSOA (version française)

After six years of international tours, Silvério Pessoa and his irrefutable charisma has won over his audience, that now follows him wherever he may go. With an acoustic heart and an electric head, to use the title of his new album, Silvério Pessoa has struck the perfect balance between authenticity and openness.

Born in the heart of Pernambouc, where people live to the rhythm of the forró, Silvério Pessoa spent his childhood and adolescence amongst the sugarcane cutters, sharing in their joys and sorrows to the sound of the accordion, zabumba and triangle trios. Which just goes to show to what extent he knows his people and its culture. In his album Bate o Mancá he paid homage to one of the genre’s masters, Jacinto Silva, reproducing the verve and authenticity of the forró as played by those from the countryside.

Silvério Pessoa’s artistic work comes with a strong political commitment. Alongside the sugarcane cutters and the MST movement, he defends the diversity of a culture that, just like many others, is destined to disappear under the repeated onslaughts of globalisation.

But Silvério Pessoa is above all a man of his time. He took part in the Mangue Beat revolution, alongside many others, that shook Recife during the 90s. With his group Cascabulho, he contributed to the fusion of local rhythms with rock and electronic music. He took this work of cross-culture further in his album Microbio do Frevo, an electronic version of the royal rhythm of the Recife carnival: the frevo.

Today Silvério presents his new album, "coração acoustico e cabeça electrica", one of the most successful fusions of tradition and modernity. Silvério Pessoa displays no misplaced desire for Western rhythms here, but wisely goes back to his origins while the electronic is subtly employed to enhance the pertinence of his objective. Without forgetting the numerous artists featured on the album, from Lénine to Massilia Sound System, Siba, Meï Teï Shô and Alceu Valença.

Silvério's next album will be co-produced by Outro Brasil, featuring all of our friends from Occitany, met along the road since 2003: Massilia Sound System, Moussu T e lei Jovents, La Talvera, Fabulos Trobadors, Rita Macedo, Bombes 2 Bal, La Mal Coiffée, Nux Vomica amongst others...


SPRING 2008: 10=>14/06

11/06 Flagey - Brussels (B)
13/06 MC 93 - Bobigny (F) Silvério Pessoa's concert + special guest Spok Orchestra
14/06 MC 93 - Bobigny (F) - Silvério Pessoa special guest Spok Orchestra


5-6/07 Samba al Pais (F)

SUMMER 2008: 17/07 - 26/07

18/07 Samba Repercussions - Monléon Maognac (F)
19/07 Suds à Arles (F)
20/07 Scènes d'été de La Villette - Paris (F)
22/07 Les Grimaldines - Grimaud (F)
24/07 Festival de Sines (P)
25 / 07 Paleo - Nyon (CH)
26 / 07 Paleo - Nyon (CH)

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"Bate o Manca "
Outro Brasil 2004

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