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The musical union of two cultures of resistance
An original creation by Silvério Pessoa & La Talvera


The cultural and historical ties between the Occitany region and the Northeast Region of Brazil have been growing constantly since the 13th century and are today the subject of the FORROCCITANIA creation. The result of numerous encounters and collaborations since 2003 both on stage and in the studio between the Nordestin singer and great Forró specialist, Silvério Pessoa and the group from the Occitan region, La Talvera. This original creation, subsidised by the CNV and the Midi-Pyrénées Region, was staged in October 2010 at Cap Découverte and will be on tour in Europe for the first time between 1st July and 7th August 2011.
This creation reveals the huge musical wealth and festive nature of these two cultures of resistance. The show places great emphasis on traditional instruments (diatonic and chromatic accordions, bagpipes, fife, viol and Nordestin percussion...), innovations (while respecting tradition) and improvisation. In this context, the union of these two styles is innovative and accomplished, the birth of a new musicality rather than a juxtaposition of styles (as is often the case in this type of enterprise).
This tour will coincide with the promotion of the “Collectiu” CD (to be released in May 2011 by Outro Brasil / La Talvera – L’Autre Distribution), in which Silvério Pessoa is joined by various guest artists from Occitany: Massilia Sound System, Moussou T e lei Jovents, Fabulous Trobadours, Bombes de Bal, Rita Macedo, La Mal Coiffée etc...
The “Nordeste – Occitany” theme creates a particularly interesting framework: historical and cultural relevance and an “all-round” programme (the possibility of programming three different concerts with the same group of artists, organising screenings, programming a DJ set to round off the evening, and holding conferences and/or educational projects to pave the way for the event).


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01/07 Falicon / Nice (06)
03/07 Samba al país, Négrepelisse (82)
09/07 Paris - Scènes d'été La Villette (75)
10/07 Paris - Scènes d'été La Villette (75)
15/07 Orléans (45)
16/07 Suds à Arles (13)
21/07 Convivencia - La Redorte (11)
23/07 Combret (12)
28/07 Fiesta Sète (34)
29/07 Nuits Atypiques - Langon (33)
30/07 Salles sur Cérou (81)
05/08 Galicia (SP) à confirmer
07/08 Saint Vincent Rives d'Olt (46)


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